Monday, May 2, 2011

barbaras artist statment dylans office

This quilt piece is apiece explaining what the 1st battle of Bull Run was all about and how it started. On the left side, there is a division sign, it stands for the south and how they believed in dividing the people that are different races. On the right is an equal sign, it stands for how the north wanted everyone and race to be treated equally. This is how the war started, just two sides that have two very different opinions. In the middle there is a peace sign because that was the only thing that the south wanted, it was the only reason why they fought, for peace and equalness. The battle of fort Sumner just ended when the 1st battle of bull run happened, but this time, the north had no experience with any sort of gun, but the south did, so the south fought an easy war while the north struggled just o load there gun. The South won and went home with a happy and easy victory while the North’s soldiers laid down on the battlefield severely injured or dead.
-Barbara Sutton (Natalie Grey)  

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