Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Gettysburg Address, By Riley and Julia Karens Office

Here is a video about the Gettysburg Address.  It is very interesting and has cool pictures and stuff.
By Riley

This is a copy of the Gettysburg Adress.  It is hand written and hard to read.  But you can kind of still read it.
By Riley

This is a picture of soldiers listening to the Gettysburg Address. The Gettysburg Address was a speech given by Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. At the time it wasn't considered very significant but now everyone considers it really important.
By Julia

gettysburg-address-2.jpgThis is a picture of Abraham Lincoln with the words of the Address in his face. It is very cool and a good piece of art.
By Riley

3a05745r.jpgThis is a picture of Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. Back then, people didn't think it was that amazing, but now it is remembered as a very important speech. 
by Julia

this is a video of Abraham Lincoln saying the Gettysburg address.  But its really somebody else talking.
By Riley

everett-lincoln-Gettysburg-Address.jpgThis is a picture of Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address. 
by Riley

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