Monday, May 9, 2011

Naval ships and strategies in the civil war by Elijah, Ethan, and tex (Tara's office)

this is a comic of the Famous anaconda plan

this is a battles between two Gun Boats

the battle of the two IRONCLADS

Ironclads duking it out too win the war
the Union is bombarding the city of Vicksburg, on the Mississippi
 The naval frontier was the first great success of the Union, especially the plan devised by General Winfield Scott that he proposed to president Lincoln in 1861, when the first sparks were sent flying. Eventually these sparks ignited a flame, yet luckily water overcomes fire just as the union did in the civil war. Scott's plan was a mischevious attempt to divide the south and stop communication within the confederacy as well as blocking shipping products from the south to Europe. The Union navy did this by sending gunboats up the Mississippi  and around the Gulf of Mexico and the south. These gunboats captured and destroyed 1455 vessels trying to escape the blockade.These boats were called blockade runners, the confederacy counter to Scotts plan nicked named the andaconda plan. The Andaconda plan proved to win many battles and heal the previously dissolved Union, especally the siege of Vicksburg, a battle that won the entire Mississippi. Along with the blockade that strangled the south, the Union navy overwhelmed the Confederacy, the newly developed ironclad ships (metal plated boats) destroyed the south with their invincible turrets and defense. Slithering and slowly choking the confederacy, the Union navy essentially won the civil war.

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