Monday, May 16, 2011

Andrew Johnson- Rebecca Rogers, Sunday McLean, Nathan Hamilton- Tara's Office

Andrew Johnson was elected after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. He came from Tennessee and he was the vice president for Lincoln while he was serving. Andrew Johnson, although he opposed slavery, he was against free African- Americans. He tried to get rid of the Freedman's bureau, which was an agency trying to help restart free African- American's lives. Also, he was very lenient to the ex- Confederate states and he easily let them back into the Union. He protected the South and he tried to keep the old ways. He is hard to understand because although he was a Republican he didn't like free black people. He also let ex-rebels vote again. The house of representatives tried to have him impeached, but it failed. Also, there was an attempt on assassination.

Andrew Johnson ran with Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
A cartoon about Lincoln and Johnson.
Lincoln and Johnson talking.
Lincoln gets assassinated April 14, 1865.
Johnson becomes president when LIncoln dies.
President Johnson did not support blacks voting.
Johnson vetoed a bill supporting the Freedmen's Bureau in 1866.

A ticket to Johnson's impeachment.

A book about Johnson's impeachment.
Statue of Johnson.

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