Monday, May 9, 2011

Artist statement-Hermela-Deborah

Meg and I created a quilt square that described the boys of the civil war. We showed how the young boys contributed to the war. There is a picture of drummer boys or known as the union drum corps lined up in a row taken in 1862. On the top half of the quilt the colors represents the north and south by the color of the uniforms. On the bottom half of the quilt we drew a gun representing boy soldiers and how young they were. The youngest wounded soldier was William black who was twelve and had his left arm shattered by an exploding shell. We also drew a messenger bag and a medical cross because they were also messengers and nurses. So many boys were in the war 1,000,000 were 18 years old or under but in 1862 President Lincoln declared that boys under the eighteen years old  could not enlist to join the army. That didn’t stop some of the boys and some lied about their age. Back then they didn’t have a way to identify you, or verify that you’re the age that said say you were. Now children don’t fight in the war but in some places in the world children are given guns and forced to fight, depriving them of their childhood.

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