Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freedmen (Alysa Wulf, Lanie Novick, and Jordan Stoeber)

A freedmen was free by legal means.
Freedmen were slaves that had been let free during or before the Civil War. Some would seek harbor in the Confederate camps, while others would try to make a living. Many resorted to going back to their slave owners and working as laborers. Some freedmen were unfortunatly forced illegely to go back in to the slave buisness. The freed black people were discriminated against and not respected as living being, and never got their full rights. Some were even killed. Later many freemen were killed by the KKK a terrible group that's goal was to rid the US of African Americans (Or any other culture). Many freedman were herded into contraband camps and not all freedmen trusted their white neighbors, the wounds of slavery were still inflicted in their minds. Abraham Lincoln created the Freedmens Bureau, which assigned agents throught the south to educate freemen how to live on their own. Many children and adults that had been freed could get educated, but some didn't feel safe doing so.

Freedmen were able to get jobs.

establish their own businesses like a Freedmen Hospital, Freedmen School ect

Some freed slaves had the opportunity to be educated by a southerner.

Some freed slaves were still treated badly.

Many freed slaves took refuge in camps

Freedmen had to travel to look for a new life.

Slaves rejoiced to be freed!!!

Abraham Lincoln established the Freemens Bureau in 1879

Freemen experienced an early version of segregation, they were seperated to their own grave yard.

Freedmen descendants are highly respected in today's culture because of the way their ancestors were treated, and how they fought in the war

Slaves made their own families and for those who lived in the South, prospered.

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