Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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http://www.americanhistoryhelp.com/pictures/protestjimcrowe.jpg  this is a picture of a man holding a sign. the sign says that if the united states lets African Americans fight in the war against slavery they should also give them equal  rights.

http://www2.hsp.org/collections/manuscripts/brill/images/11899.jpg  this is a photo of segrigated seating in a city bus after the civil war. while white citizens get to sit up front of the bus on normal seats, black americans have to ride on crowded benches in the back.

http://ed101.bu.edu/StudentDoc/current/ED101fa09/lcurley/Images/JCLaws.jpg many things after the civil war were seperated. some people didnt think that blacks should share things with whites. things from seats on a bus to school rooms. this picture shows an example of this.

http://lmk11.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/jimcrow.jpg  lots of bussineses decided not to give thier services to free slaves after the war.

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