Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dillon Wells and Roisin Prestopino, Cheyenne vanaveer/uniforms and gear

This is a picture of some gear, guns and hats.

This is a picture of a solidier with his uniform on leaning on a gun.

This is two man fighting from the north and south with all there gear and uniforms on.

This is a picture of men in a battle one looks like he is about to shoot.

This is a over coat that someone would have wore in a battle.

this is a picture of a lot of examples of men in there uniforms.

This is a fake man in a uniform.

This is an example of a coat and some gear behind.

This is men in battle with all there gear.

This is another example of a over coat with a little bag.

We did uniforms and gear. In the civil war they wore shirts and pants and a over coat. And they carried gear with them in battles. It was the civil war time so 1861--1864. It was in all battles that they wore these uniforms. Some gear that they would carrie with them would be a blanket and pocket. There were no winners or losers! It impacted life today by we have better materials.