Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lynching sorrel and Dillon

Lynching is another word for hanging. Hanging is where someone ties some kind of rope or something else like that around someones neck and then ties it on a tree or something similar to that. Then someone would climb the tree and jump off the tree or a bridge like that and they would be hanging by their neck, dead.
lynching occurred mostly during slavery and during the reconstruction of the U.S.
 lynching was common all over the U.S. during those time periods.
nobody really won or lost because all different types of people were killed or committed suicide, there was not a specific type of person who was targeted.
this activity brought many deaths of not only blacks but also whites.
now in the present, we have learned from our mistakes and rarely anybody lynches anyone anymore. 

This is a picture of man hung on a tree
This is another case of lynching from a tree, this shows how many different incidences there were.

This is a close up of someone hung, however it is hard to really see the details of this image.

This is a man hung we think hung by the people who are in this photograph because there is so many of them.

This is two people hung on the same tree most likely by the people around them.

This is a close up of people hanging next to each other

This is a man hung on a bridge, he probably jumped off of the bridge and committed suicide or the people on the bridge made him jump off.

these are two people hung on a tree with a large crowd watching them, probably wondering what happened.

This is a picture of a man hung on a pole, it is hard to see how he did this.
This is black man who probably hung himself.

this is a cartoon with a joke about hanging/lynching in it.


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