Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Black Codes (Michael Ninen, Joe Yeoumans, Eathan Laarman Hughes)

The Black Codes were unofficial laws created by the south to keep the reins on their black slaves. Once the slaves were freed and given some rights by the Emancipation proclamation, 13th amendment, 14th amendment and the 15th amendment. Slave owners would kill, torture and attack the blacks with words.  When the the Southerners bought the slaves they spent a ton of money and when they were set free the Southerners lost money because of the business they were in. The Black Codes prevented slaves from working in other businesses like general stores, bars, Inns and lots of other things. This happened all across the south in 1865- 1866. The winners were the Southerners and the losers were the slaves that had to abide by the laws. This pulled the nation together because it made the north worry about the slaves rights making them want to help them. This eventually led to no slavery. 

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