Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd quilt square, Artist statement, Miah Middlebrook, Deborah's Class

                My quilt square shows a picture of two girls and one boy and a man walking about. There is a gray house next to the man and if you look close the two girls and the boy is crying. I did my quilt square on Families of the North. I chose to do Families of the North because I thought it would be cool to see what I could find about the Families in the North from back then.
               My quilt square represents what it would be like for families when their fathers or sons left to go fight in the war. In this case the father is going to the war and the mother and her two children are going to be on their own for a while in till the father comes back. If he does not come back then the mother and children will have to learn to live on their own and the mother will have to take care of their home in till the boy at the right age to run the house himself.

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