Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Material Devastation and Sherman's March (by Ian and Harry, Deb's class)

This is picture of Atlanta burning. Sherman and his troops marched through Georgia, starting at Atlanta. Atlanta was the railroad center for the Confederancy, so when Sherman burned/destroyed it, it was a serious blow.

This is another picture of Atlanta burning.

Horses carried supplies and soldiers, so they were often the target. After the civil war about 50% of Arkansas's horses had died.

This is a map of Sherman's March to the sea. He started in Atlanta and then marched to Savvanah, destroying everything in his path. After destroying Atlanta he moved on to Raleigh, North Carolina where he waited for Grant's final assult on Richmond. Between Savannah and Raleigh he and his troops traveled 425 miles in less then 50 days.

Another picture of the attack on Atlanta.

This is General Sherman, who has you might guess lead Sherman's march.

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