Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deaths During the Civil War (Alysa Wulf, Connor Nickerson, and Johanna Robert)

In Civil War, between 1861 and 1865, we lost many. We lost the most people in the Civil War then we have ever lost in any of the battles that the U.S was part of. Many lost friends and family at battle, and it was devastating. Many soldiers died in battle and because wounds wouldn't heal, or they would loose to much blood. In the end, brothers were fighting brothers. It was a horrible and scary time for everyone, and battle wasn't even the main cause of the deaths, disease was. So if you were out at war, you were not only worrying for those you knew at battle and yourself, but family at home. If you were at home, you were not only worried about your loved one at battle, but yourself because you might catch a sickness or disease. Doctors didn't yet know all the ways to cure a person, and so many were left to die from the disease. It was a scary time for everyone. 

Soldiers mourn those lost at battle. 

Bodies lay on a battle field, waiting to be collected.

Many were lost. More Union then Confederate. 

Family and friends care for those who were lost.

We lost the most in the Civil War out of all the other wars that the U.S was in.

Body waiting to be found. One of the tragedies.

Many were collected, and some weren't, this shows how many people actully died.

Sometimes where the wound was, made it impossible to identify the soldier,
it really shows how grusome the war really was.

Bodies lay ready to be counted and notified to families. Many people that died in the war.

A lost soldier. 

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