Sunday, May 8, 2011

peter petrasy MUSIC

A army marching 

a south soldier and a north soldier fighting 

Abraham Lincoln playing a banjo   
a bunch of 1800s musical instruments 

a sigh 
a 1800 drum
both flags, hats, and swords from both sides of the civil war
a civil war marching crew 
a flier of civil war music
a traditional civil war dance 
Music in the 1800s was not as crucial as you might have thought due to the war.  There were drummers, trumpet and fife players whose job it was to be at the front of the soldiers and play the battle hymns before going into battle. This would also happen when a funeral would take place. They would lead a procession of mourners and play music to honor the dead. Now a drum was the most common instrument because of the shape and the sound it gave off, it was loud and had a low vibration. A trumpet also had that loud noise but was more high pitched. A fife was like a small tin flute which when played would sound like a bird. People from that time period would argue that the weapons were were also instruments, instruments of destruction due to the fact that over 3 million people died during the Civil War. Although there was little time for playing music you can say that instruments brought the country together and apart.         

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