Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mexican War Ended Froman-Trye Perkins and Sam-I-Am Tsefalas Tara's office

The war was also on ship.
  This photo shows Americans running through and killing everyone. More Mexicans than Americans died.
A lot of the leaders died in the Mexican American War. In this photo everyone's grieving.
The Mexican War was a big deal. In the back round there's ships, guns, people shooting other people, bombs, and other things.

This shows the seperation of both countries.

The Mexicans didn't get along with the americans.

In our minds we think of this photo representing the Americans defeating the Mexicans because in this photo an American is eating a Mexican while someone's pulling on the Americans beard.

American camp in Mexico.

This photo captures a time where a lot of things were destroyed.
This photo shows the organization of the Americans.

"EXTRA! EXTRA!Read da newspapah!"                    
The Mexican War was the only war during that time that the daily newspapers wrote about while it was happening. The people who were involved in the war were Americans and Mexicans who were fighting because  America had a claim on Mexico as its own. Mexico wanted to be an independent country.The war took place in Mexico (now Texas) during the 1840's and the war ended in 1848.Mexico lost half a million square miles of land,which was Texas, California, and New Mexico.

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