Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Women in the war- Clare and Madeline- Deborah's class

a good site with good information about women in the war:

a very good site on letters written by women in the war to soldiers, and diaries:

a site with information on Pauline Cushman, a women who dressed as a man to be able to fight in war, no one ever found out, even when she was in the hospital for bullet wounds!

A picture of women grieving for the soldiers to return

On the left is the women in her disguise, on the right is her normal look.

harriet tubman played a bg part in the civil war, she was a cook , a nurse , and an agent!

 Here are some links:

  These photos are showing a woman in one and 
"man" in the other. The woman is really dressed 
as a man. Many woman went under cover to be in 
the war because they wanted to participate in it 
and defend for their side.

Madeline's Artist Statement:
Clare and I had our second quilt square topic on Woman in the War.Our topic really relflects
on how woman helped so much in the war. They were Nurses, Cooks, woman who made uniforms, woman who made the flags and even spies! In our quilt square, we have an army lined up and one of the heads is circled with a line leading to a "bubble." In this bubble, there are things that define what woman did in the war. Like a spool of thread to represent the sewing of uniforms. A feather duster to represent cleaning. A bowl to represent cooking. A nurse hat to represent how woman helped as nurses. There is also a woman, to represent the things that WOMAN in particular, did in the civil war. Woman really helped in the war, without them, there would be lots more people that died, maybe worse uniforms, less flags and more battles lost. Men needed women in that time and still do even today. Woman are a big part of our society.

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