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Birch and Kaia, Battle of Chancellorsville, Karen's Office

This is Thomas J. Jackson he was known as Stonewall Jackson because he was extremely talented at speaking and inspiring people. He was a confederate general who knew how to step up to leadership and was very religious. When he died it was by confederate hands they thought he was union soldier so they shot him. Before he died he had recently lost his left arm and when General Lee heard about this he said with deep feeling "He has lost his left arm, but I feel as if I have lost my right." One of the most honored and remembered generals of the confederate army. Jackson was one of the General's who fought in the battle of Chancellorsville on the confederate side he died soon after.

Joseph Hooker was made commander of the army of the Potomac in January 1863 and was in charge of the army during the battle of Chancellorsville he had nearly double the amount of troops that the confederates had and planned to win by sheer force. His plan however failed and the union lost.

The battle of Chancellorsville is considered by many to be one of General Robert Lee's greatest victory's.  With the help of Stonewall Jackson he won when the odds weren't in their favor, many believe that General Lee was the civil war's greatest General, even though he was a confederate he didn't believe in slavery but refused to fight against his home state of Virginia.

This is a map of where the war took place (just outside Fredricksburg, Virginia) which army's moved where and what land was gained or lost.

This is a map of Chancellorsville which is outside Fredricksburg, Virginia. this is where the battle happened.

The battle of Chancellorsville is said by many to be one of the bloodiest and the most people killed. However no one knows for sure how many people were killed in any given battle, because many ran away, were taken as hostages etc.

The battle of Chancellorsville was a battle that the Confederates won and because of it they thought that they would win the civil war for sure.  so thats why the had so much confidence when they were fighting the Union the next time.

this is a picture of the battle of Chancellorsville, showing all the men fighting and all the men that died while fighting.

This picture shows how many people who died fighting for there country and what they believed was right.  this shows why they though this to be one of the bloodiest battles.

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