Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Field Hospitals - Ian, Deborah

This is one of her letters. There are a copies of (read able)  letters on the internet that she wrote the night before a battle. I chose this one, even though it is hard to read, because it is the most likely to be the real thing.

This is a picture of the 47th Combat Support Hospital, 2000.
Note the date- it was not a Civil War field hospital.

This is a picture of Clarissa Barton or "Clara", who founded the Red Cross in 1881. This is her in 1881. C

This is the red cross symbol. The idea for the red cross's symbol came from Clara Barton.

This is a picture of a red cross nurse posing in her uniform. One time when Clara Barton was helping a man on the battle field, a bullet passed through her sleeve and hit the man, killing

A lot of people take the Red Crosses medical preparedness class. I was one of those people this year.
             -Ella (Ian's sister)

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