Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Children of the civil war-Hermela-Deborah class

Children during the civil war
Thsis website is about how the children were effected during the war. The kids had to grow up quickly and take care of there younger sibilings. Young boys were put in the battle field.  They saw homes being distroyed, bombs exploding and witnessed people being killed. Since young children could not fight in the war they still had to help out by serving as scouts or nurses and younger children would collect money, food, and supplies.
Three children born and living during the civil war era. Their father was a soldier who died on the battlefieldThsi is a picture of 3 children that lost there father while he was on the battle field.

Contraband Jackson, a servant in the Confederate army. Slave children saw the civil war as a sign of hope that they would soon be free.If the slave children ranaway and reached the union troops they sometimes were put into schools.

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