Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kirsten Johnson's artist statement- Indigo's office

   For my quilt piece I did Abe Lincoln's assassination. My quilt has a green background (because I thought it would be a fun color). On top of the green background there are four pictures, one of Lincoln, one of John Wilkes Booth, another of a photograph of Lincoln's family, and the last one is a gun. The picture of Lincoln and the photograph of his family are connected by a thought bubble, so its sort of like he is thinking of how much he loves his family. The other two pictures are also connected with a thought bubble, so its like Booth is thinking about shooting Lincoln in the head. Lincoln's assassination affected the civil war by adding additional anger against the southern states. This resulted by having the northerners to have more punitive actions. Carpetbaggers ended up running the government in the South, and because of this, caused even more severe hardships since they no longer control their own destiny. 
Thank you for reading my artist statement, I hope you enjoyed it.

In the picture to your left you will see John Booth running across the stage after he shot Lincoln. You will also see that Lincoln is slumped over in his chair while people are rushing towards him in the middle of the picture.

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