Friday, April 29, 2011

Women's Roles During the Civil War - Lily F. and Katie O. - Michael's Office

Primary Document Picture

This is not a specific website, but it has a great picture of a Primary Document letter.

Women Biographies
This website has a big list of biographies about women who helped in the civil war and they also have journal entries.

Women Spies and Nurses
This link gives you much info about women being spies and women nursing hurt soldiers.

Famous Women of the Civil War
This website gives you all kinds of information on famous women figures during the Civil War that were somehow related/effected/etc. to the Civil War.

Drafting of Women during the Civil War
This site gives you information about women who were soldiers or who had to take the place of other soldiers.

Marrige in the War
This is a blog that gives you a look at wives of famous men figures in the war.

Soldiers and Spies
These are articles about women who were drafted into the war and spied on the other sides.

More Primary Documents
This page gives you plenty and plenty of primary documents such as letters, jounal entries and other documents that were written by women during the Civil War.

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