Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haile- Slave Conditions- Artist Satement

 In our quilt square is a white man who has come to the slave harbor in Africa to capture people to be sold as slaves. In our piece, the white man is violently separating a African man from his home, to be taken on a slave ship to the US. The man pleads on his knees to be spared this terror, but  he must obey in his wish to escape a brutal punishment. Blood and chains hang from the sides of a packed slave ship. The blood and chains represent hardships such as sickness, death, and terrible living conditions suffered on slave ships, and in slavery. Expressions of those on the ship are ones of terror and sadness. The ships sail, made of the American flag, is torn in half to symbolize the split of our nation. Our quilt piece helps to understand the conditions slaves faced during the period before the war, and that it led to the split of our nation.

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