Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noah and Riley, a Soldiers Life, Karen's Office

This is a you tube video of a song of a song the confederate army sang.  This noticeably has a lot of banjo.  It is also a slide show of pictures.  The soldeirs played musical instruments including banjo, flute, guitar, fittle, and harmonica.
By Riley

During the civil war they would play baseball because it was fun and passed time.
by Noah

Civil war soldiers read a lot.  They read the newspaper, bibles, books, and letters.  This is a beat up old bible.  I think a lot of soldiers read books that looked like this.  They were much smaller and more portable though.
 By Riley

There were a lot of germs and sickness in the soldiers and their camps.  Their camps were filthy and the food and water was not fresh.  It was not clean at all.  Here is a picture of a tent with sick and wounded soldiers getting treatment.  Some were more severe then others.

By Riley

Another sport they played was horseshoes.  It was very easy to set up.  Since they had horses and extra horseshoes they used troughs and stabbed tent metal sticks down as the poles.  Here is a picture of the game horseshoes.                                        

By Riley

Civil war soldiers wrote letters too.  They were to their family and close friends.  Sometimes that's how families knew that they died when they stopped getting letters.  They wrote about everything.  It was also a good way to pass time and the best way to communicate.

this is a letter from a soilder
By Riley

cards was another fun game that they did that passed time
By Noah

                           Soldiers had pets.  This included dogs cats squirrels and other wild animals           
                                                                       BY Noah

                          Another active game they played was football,  but not as much as baseball.

                                  This is a group of men having a meeting to strategies war plans