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Haile and Clairissa- Fort Pillow - Deborah
This is an article published in the Illustrated London news talking about the advantages that came with the location of the Fort and the geography of the land around it. - Explains the reasoning for Fort Pillows location, history of the shelter, reason for the battle, and a battle description. Also, about Fort Pillow State Historic Park today.

Article posted in 1864 New York Times

Fort Pillow Massacre
This is a Harpers Weekly Article posted April 30, 1864. The article explains the brutal massacre of African Americans during the battle of fort pillow. Black women and young children as well experienced bloody murder. The article tells of the ways solders were buried alive, burned in piles and dropped into the "red" river.

Fort Pillow was a former confederate stronghold located on a bluff overhanging the Mississippi river. Forrest's men, by creeping on the fort, had violated their flag of truce. Forrest demands their surrender, saying if they decline he would no longer be responsible for his men's actions.

Fort Pillow, after the confederates abandoned it was an earthworks fortification used to protect union supplies. The confederates attack was motivated by the need for the unions horses, weapons, and other supplies. The Union soldiers of Tennessee had been looked at as traitors, Tennessee being a confederate state.

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