Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artist's Statement: Marina for Sarah's Office

Our quilt piece shows America in front of a red back drop with Vermont popping out of the map. Inside the state of Vermont we drew  a circle with slavery written inside and being crossed out as a symbol for abolitionism. We also made a speech bubble for the people of Vermont saying 'No!' to show the people were angry and didn't think slavery was right. The back drop is red to symbolize anger, not only the people of Vermont's anger but the people who lived in the south because it was very frustrating for them to see slavery being banned even though Vermont was only a state at the time. All around our quilt square we have influential people during the civil war movement such as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas showing how they helped the movement grow. We also drew slaves in and out of shackles symbolizing once there were some free states turmoil erupted all over America and the Civil war began soon after.

Our quilt piece helps us understand how we are today because its very relate able. Even as our current society today we exclude and demean people because they are different and treat others badly because we think we are better. The Significance of this piece in the quilting a nation project is that it was one of the very first movements that started the civil war. I know for a fact that we would have at one point or another decided that slavery was wrong and Vermont was the first place to officially do that. If things had played out differently maybe Vermont wouldn't have been a free place for all but they didn't and a few years after 1777 and unforgettable war started.

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