Saturday, April 30, 2011

African American Soliders-Eva and Madeleine-Michael's Office

Our assignment is to tell you about what it was like to be an African American Solider in the Civil War. We hope some of these sites help you to better understand this subject.

African Americans in the Civil War
We thought that this was a good site because for one it had a ton of good facts and it talked a lot about how African Americans came to be allowed in the Civil War. Recommended if you are looking for good information.

Frederick Douglas
This site is a little off the topic of the Civil War. It is more about Frederick Douglas and his life as  a black man, but we thought that this site would give you and idea of what it was like for him and how he lived his life.

Primary Document
This is the Primary Document that we found and thought we would share with you. This is a helpful document because it gives you an overview of the topic and then there is another site that you can go to that is filled with documents. We thought that was interesting and clever.

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