Monday, April 25, 2011

Marley tarrifs deborahs class

artist statement

tariffs are a tax added on imported and exported goods. (also known as a sales tax) 
our quilt square shows the sepparation between north and south, but it also shows the trade routs to europe.  the square shows that the trade routs from the south were a LOT longer then the trade routs from the north.  an added expense:  the north had alot more factories that manufactured alot of goods, but the south was alot more agracultural and so they had to import and export alot of things, resulting in the added taxes.  it was really nice for the north to have control over the tariffs, because the government got money from the south for protection and other needs.  another feature on our quilt square is the NAFTA routes.  NAFTA is a trade agreement between canada, the US, and mexico where there is no tariffs on any of the goods that travel between those countries.  the problem with nafta is that the usa companies moved to mexico because mexico doesnt have quite as many laws as we do here, and they dont have to pay any extra tarrifs to import the goods to the usa.

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