Monday, April 25, 2011

Iornclad battleships (harry deborahs class)

story plan and primary doc

This was the first civil war with ironclad battleships. The war was between the north and South America.

The two ships fighting were the Merrimac and Monitor the monitor was the union ship which had a revolving turret and the Merrimac was the confederate ship which was just a regular ship plated with iron.
The battle raged on for two hours without stopping before they decided to call it a draw

Neither ship was badly harmed no one got injured and the cannonballs bounced of the thick iron plaiting

story plan

My story is about a mechanic and an amazing sailor of the age of 20 forced to design and battle the ship named The Monitor. This story is about his strategy designing it and the time in the monitor.
 It is told in first person perspective.
The person lives a Peaceful life in New York before he is forced into battle

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