Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Compromise of 1850- Elizabeth Uchida & Walker

this picture was chosen by us because this is a sign for the Fugitive Slave Act, signed by the congress to be passed out.

we chose this image because this is Daniel Webster, one of the men who helped create the Compromise of 1850.

we chose this picture because this represents when California entered the union and became a free state.
we chose this because it gives you a visual of what states were north and what states were south.
we chose this image because it is a picture of Henry Clay and he was one of the men who came up with the compromise of 1850
The balance between slave states and free states in the union was very important to both the north and the south. So when California asked to enter the union and Missouri asked to enter the union, Henry Clay and Daniel Webster decided to create the compromise of 1850. This compromise agreed that California and Missouri would both be granted entry into the union, California as a free state and Missouri as a slave state.

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