Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nat Turner's Rebellion, Shostek//Ainsworth//Ninen//Tara's office

  The slaves killed 55 to 65 white people, causing 60 blacks to be executed by the state. These blacks were executed because they were found guilty of killing white people. The Nat Turner Rebellion was a slave rebellion in South Hampton County, Virginia on August,1831. Nat started the rebellion to free slaves who were being whipped and treated unfairly. Turner became the leader because he claimed to have visions, which were most likely hallucinations, he claimed were from god. The Rebellion only started with a few slaves and then quickly started to become a larger group. Though the rebellion only lasted a few days the aftermath was long and painful, with the total number of slaves killed as high as 200. The white militias and mobs that killed them couldn’t find Nat himself for several months, found hiding in a hole covered by fence railings.  Nat Turners goal was to kill all the white people, even the women and children, despite the fact that they did nothing to enslave them. Our group believes that the nation the nation was pulled apart by this, because it caused stricter rules against slaves. This made them run away to the North. By this happening the south got angry because the North was letting all of the South’s run away slaves be free.

This picture is of Nat Turner who was the starter of the rebellion. He started the rebellion to free his family and fellow slaves from the cruelty of white slave owners.  Nat Turner's face is shown here so you can recognize his face as a man who was one of the first to revolt against slave owners.

This picture is of an encountering of a rebel and a white man.   The rebel is carrying a knife and the white man is carrying a gun you can see the differences between the two groups and their difficulties.

This is a  vision of Nat Turner, I think he is trying to show how the slaves will over come the whites and he is using this as the white moon being over come by a gray storm which is the rebellion of the slaves.

This is about the slaves planning the rebellion. This shows the poor conditions that they were forced to live in. They had no houses.

This shows how the slaves killed the white men.  Even though they did not win the rebellion the  slaves did manage to kill enough white men that they impacted the thought that slaves could escape and become free.

This is a drawing of Nat when he was a preacher. He believed that god told him that he should kill all the whites. he went through with his plan. killing the whites was the goal of the rebellion. but in the aftermath he caused more blacks to be killed.

this is the confessions of Nat Turner, written before he was executed. it shows that he truly believed that god wanted him to kill the whites and that he was not lying. 

This is one of the rebelling slaves. This shows the anger and frustration that the slaves feel all of the time. 

This is a wanted poster for Nat Turner. They wanted him badly. It shows this by offering 100$, which is a lot in those times. 

This is one of the guns that the whites used against the rebels to defend themselves. They were old and needed to be muzzle loaded. The blacks only had knives which were vastly inferior. 


  1. this is a amazing article thanks for posting

  2. The wanted poster on this article is not for nat turner, he was executed on November 11, 1831, the poster is dated 1860, almost 30 years later. Also the poster is labeled as Ripley Co, MO, not in Virginia where he lived most of his life. The third reason is that the name of the man is Amos Tucker, who probably had nothing to do with turner. There are other things wrong with this article, but this is the big one.