Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bleeding Kansas - Jake Brice & Rachel Willard-Herr - Tara's Office

Could you imagine fighting with your neighbor to the point of you killing them or vise versa. A time period between 1854-1858 where Missouri and Kansas were fighting over whether or not that territory would be free and slaved country. Instead of working this out over talking or having a vote, they turned to physical fighting. There was bloodshed and in total there was over 50+ live lost. There were two main leaders, on from Kansas and another from Missouri. John Brown was the leader from Kansas who was representing the abolitionists or the anti-slavery group. From Missouri, William Quantrill was representing the slave owner who wanted to keep slavery. In the end Kansas or the abolitionists won the fight. This fight tore the nation apart. It made these neighbors very hostile to each other and people did not forget it because there family member died.
We chose this so we can show the fighting between Kansas and Missouri
 We chose this because we wanted you to see one of the leaders John Brown
We chose this picture to show that John Brown would not    compromise 

 We chose this photo because we wanted you to see John Browns Family

 we chose this one to show that this year in the 150th anniversary of the start of the civil war

 to show a quote that John Brown said towards the end of the battle
 We chose this is show how there were two different parties pinned against each other
 A political cartoon showing that some people in the territory didn't want slavery
 we chose this to show what William Quantrill looked like

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