Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slavery Info. and Pic.s- Emerald Seale- Michael's Office

This is a small section on Wikipedia about slavery. This has the whole history of slavery, just read the civil war part.

Here is a website  completely dedicated to slave rebellions, which is one of the reasons of the civil war.

Top 5 reasons that the Civil war started. Just read the slavery section.

A wikipedia page about the civil war. Just read the slavery part.

A wikipedia completely dedicated to slavery only in America, just read the Civil war part.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is a great story about the life of a slave and it is a primary source.

Here are some pictures:


  1. WOW!! I found this very helpful! Thanks Emerald. I could really use some of those pictures for my project to look at! That is also a lot of info! It takes up like half the page!
    Katie O.

  2. Wow - that was very detailed. Thank you! It will be very helpful.
    -Lily F.