Monday, April 18, 2011

Raid on Harpers Ferry Sierra Cleary & Ana Williams Sarahs office

- the Raid on Harpers Ferry happened on October 16, 1859. John Brown and 21 other men (16 whites including John's 2 sons and 5 blacks ) crossed the Potomack that led to the Begining of the raid in the night with  heavy rain. they captured around 60 citizens and held them hostage wanting other slaves to try and join the fight. none came. John Browns mission was to make a base and help runaway slaves and launch attacks on slave holders and plantation owners. but they needed weapons to do this. he was from the North as you might have guessed. later in the attack Colonel Robert E. Lee captured brown and his men. but during the attack 10 of his men were dead ( including 2 blacks and both his sons) 5 had escaped and the 7 of them were tried and put to death. John Brown also died and became a natinal monument for the already dividing nations. in the North he was viewed as a abolishonest with a noble cause and in the South as a murderer.

Armory with all the whepons John Brown was trying to get.

Sierra Cleary’s Artist Statement.
      John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry was one of the battles that started the Civil war. In the quilt the river is the Potomac for they crossed over to get to the town. Crossing the bridge was the beginning of the raid which led up to eventually having nations secede from the nation, hence the confederate flag. Some people still even fly the flag today in remembrance of the Civil war. The hanging knot symbolizes all the deaths in the civil war which was over 620,000 people. This included all of John Brown’s men and eventually him for he was hanged in 1859 and later viewed  as an abolitionist who was fighting for a just cause in the North and a murderer in the South . either way he became a dividing symbol of the nations.

                             Ana William's Artist Statement
                                    My quilt square is a river with a bridge and on the top of the bridge
                              is the confederate flag, below in the picture it says so it begins,there
                              is a hang thing under the bridge and a bunch of dead people on the grass.
                              This event is The Raid Of Harpers Ferry. This relates to the civil war because
                              (the event was before the civil war but was one thing that started it) John
                              Brown raided Harpers Ferry to steal weapons to free slaves but instead he got
                              in huge trouble which then led to his hanging in 1859. In the Civil war 620,000 people
                              died. Some people still wave the Confederate flag to symbolize the Civil war.

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