Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey-Linus Clark From Indigos Office-My Artist Statement-I Did John Brown

   John Brown was a very...influential Abolitionist, he wanted slavery totally out of the picture in America-he decide his best chance to abolish it was to capture the federal arsenal sieze weapons from it and arm slaves for a huge uprising. His plan failed and he was hanged, all of his men were either captured or killed in the attack. I drew him on a hilltop with a gun attacking an overseer who is holding a whip and making his slaves work even when he was in danger of losing them to Brown. Brown once claimed that god had told him to attack the people who owned the slaves, that should explain the cross in his thought bubble and at the top of the patch. In a separated corner I drew a Confederate Soldier waiting by a noose, because John Brown was captured in his attempt to raid the Federal Arsenal he was hanged. John Brown was thought of as a criminal in the southern states, and thought of as a hero by Northern Abolitionist (even if they didn't think violence was the correct way to respond to violence, it was still for a good cause, right?) John Brown's violence infuriated the Southerners and probably triggered the Civil war. Now can I state my opinion? I think that John Brown was fighting for a good cause, but it was still a crazy idea! Break into the Federal Arsenal and steal the weapons? You would not have many men after that raid, and you would need some to even free some slaves to arm right?

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