Monday, April 25, 2011

Dred Scott artist statement -Ian, Deborah

Heath and I made a quilt square on the injustice blacks face in court, or more specifically on the Dred Scott case. Dred Scott faced the injustices, and came out as the winner. Dred Scott was a black slave who traveled with his owner in several free states. After his master’s death he sued for freedom for himself, his wife and their two kids. He lost his first case, but a retrial was called due to illegal evidence.  Scott won the second case and therefore, freedom for his family (and himself). As you look at our quilt square you first see a giant gavel (though you might think it is a hammer). Riding on top of the hammer is a judge. In the gavels path are two fleeing blacks, showing that they lost. The ground is red symbolizing the blood and tears shed by blacks that face court or other injustices. Below the picture is the words “The Gravel of (in)justice”. What we meant by that is that the gravel of justice only represents justice for rich white men, for blacks it represents injustice. 

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