Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birch, "Kanas Nebraska Act", Karen Shay

This is a copy of the bill written by Stephen Douglass known as the Kansas Nebraska Act. It made Nebraska a free state and Kansas a slave state,which then led to a mini civil war known as bleeding Kansas.

This is a flyer telling about a anti slavery rally that was going to be held. Since Nebraska ended up being a free state. There were lots of meetings held saying that Nebraska was not an acceptable state and people wanted to put a stop to it.

 This map is important because, it was always a cause of tension in the union about the balance between free and slave states. So when Kansa and Nebraska were trying to join the union it was argued back and forth about wether they would be free or not. All this tension bottled up almost for sure helped to cause the civil war.

 This image is of white men forcing a black man down a free soiler's throat. Some people did not want slavery but felt they were being forced into it. Like when Kansas was going to become a slave state people thought for sure there would be no other way of life.  This image also ties into one of the causes of the civil war people felt strongly for or against slavery and would fight for what they believed in.

This image is of Stephen A. Douglas a man who heavily modified the Nebraska bill so that Nebraska was extended farther north. Then he pretty much wrote that they would deal with the slavery decision later and tried to delay any compromise for the longest time possible. Until Archibald Dixon a senator from Kentucky convinced convinced him to prohibit slavery farther north.

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