Tuesday, April 19, 2011

articles of the confederacy-Erin,Lena- Michael's core

our quilt piece we have represented many aspects leading to the civil war including pictures of the articles of confederacy. This important document represents how the south wanted to become its own nation with it own rules and beliefs of life. this is also why all but three of our pictures are tornen in half because our nation was tearing apart in the time of slavery, right and wrong and the civil war. although the union won the war in the end the articles of the confederacy still plays apart in our country. right now the original copy is in the in the library of congress a long with the consution. although it has been decommissioned for public views and references it is still something quite remarkable to think that our wonderful country  so close to tearing apart for simple reasons. with this
jet about quilting a nation we learn to get many perspectives of all witnesses and sorces 

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  1. good job it was really interesting to read what you wrote