Thursday, April 14, 2011

abolitionist movment-madeline & Clairissa-deborah nass
this website tells you about events that took place during the civil war and what affects it had on slavery. It has some good images!

 madeline's artist statement:
Our quilt square is showing how the abolitionist movement helped lead up to the war. The chains connecting North and South are breaking apart and south is falling off, because it is representing the southern states suseeding from Union.Abarham Lincoln's hat is on the north because Lincoln was an Abolitionist. (South suseeded from union because they thought that he was an abolitionist, tearing the nation apart.) On the north side, there are black and white polk-a-dots. These represent the people. President A. Lincoln made the law that slaves were free. But states like Texas thought that they didn't want to do that yet. Or they hadn't heard about it. If Lincoln had not been an abolitionist, the south would have not suseeded from union and that would be one less reason that North and South had split up.
Both these sights have great photos:

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