Monday, April 18, 2011

Abolition Movement- Sterling Stirnkorb & Rachel Kashuba- Tara's Office

In the 1840's, different parts of the United States had very conflicting ideas having to do with the growing issue of slavery. Does it benefit to have slaves? Is it O.K. to force people into working for you? Having different opinions about slavery eventually ripped the nation apart into two territories- the North and the South. Abolitionists, or people working for the freedom of the slaves, had been around since the mid 1600's, but in 1840 they came from all over the nation and grouped together to form the abolitionist movement. The abolitionists weren't looking to start a war, but if that's what they had to do to free the slaves, they would do so. If it weren't for those early abolitionists taking a stand for slaves' rights, we may still be living in a country filled with slavery and unfairness. Now we live in a United Nation, brought together by the people who fought for our future long ago.

 This picture shows the common symbol for the abolitionist movement, a slave that abolitionists would try to free.

 This map shows the states that were freed from slavery after the abolitionists' efforts.

 This picture shows a flyer that would have been seen by many abolitionists.

 A formal letter describing abolition to people.

 A slave auction, which was what abolitionists were trying to end in America.

 Frederick Douglass, a very famous abolitionist in his time, who helped to greatly swing slavery towards abolition.

 A letter of outrage about abolition and abolitionists behavior.

 John Brown, another famous abolitionist, but one who was known to use violence in his protests, and that got him into much trouble.

 A scene depicting the start of the abolition movement as a man speaking in front of a group of abolitionists.

A letter describing the abolition movement to an official or friend of an abolitionist.

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