Monday, April 18, 2011

Gabriel Prosser/Bridget Stoeber and Paige Wulf/Tara's Office

Gabriel Prosser

A enslaved blacksmith named Gabriel Prosser had a plan to lead a slave rebellion in the Richmond area in the 1800's. But the news got out right before the plan was to take place. This led to him and twenty-five others to be hanged, causeingVirginia and other legislatures to pass restrictions on free blacks, hiring, education, and movement. This also had a bad effect on the nation because it separated the races, in turn, tearing the nation apart.

This picture shows by his appearance, that Gabriel Prosser was a slave.

This picture shows that he was an enslaved person fighting for freedom. This may also show that he had tried to escape and brought weapons to protect himself. 

An image of slaves working in the cotton fields which is another reason they wanted to fight to be free. They didn't want to work for anyone any more.

This was all over the news at the time. It was a big issue at the time. No slaves had ever tried this before.

This tells a little bit about what happened as well and what happened that made the slaves resist. It was a big event for not only the slaves, but the slave owners. 

Many slaves had tried to create rebellions but failed. Gabriel Prosser had wanted it to work. To insure that it would make an impact, and that slavery would end once and for all. 

Many wanted to help him because it meant that there might be protection for their families in the future. 

They were tired of the cruel and unusual punishments that came from making a simple mistake. 

They were tired of threats and whipping. 

Even though Prosser was hung before he could put his plan in to action, he made a huge impact on the U.S and slavery. 

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  1. "This also had a bad effect on the nation because it separated the races, in turn, tearing the nation apart"

    your statement seems to be condoning slavery,like everything was perfect b4 prosser's attempt?clarify