Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Isabella Peterson and isabel Mctighe Child Soldiers Karens office

This is one of the many Books About child soldiers. It is written by Gary Palson Soldiers heart was published in 1998. the boy in this book was only 16 during his first battle.
this is also a book about a child in the civil war. This book was written by Ted Lewin.

the problem of child soldiers is still an issue today. in Uganda young boys are being kidnapped and forced to fight in the LRA,(an army of child soldiers). 

the casualties of war were much grater than expected, and many boys from 9-18 were killed or maimed. both sides of the war were effected by these deaths.

 this picture is supposed to represent the reasons that boys would leave home. working on a farm was all long hard days of repetitive work. some would leave home just to have something different to do all day. living on a farm didn't always bring in enough money to support the whole family, so some boys were forced to fight in the war or watch their families starve. is a cartoon of a drum boy from the civil war. not all boys were soldiers some of the younger boys (nine to twelve) would work as musicians or doctors assistants. they would also help older soldiers by carrying their things while they marched.

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