Tuesday, May 3, 2011

clara barton maya deborah's class

Clara Barton was one of the many women that helped with the wounded. Clara did something that we use to day she made the red cross medical centers. Men would infer her as the angle of the Battle Field.

Medical in the civil war was a big deal. There were so many people that had to help there was the nurse and doctors. How they would Carry the men to a filed hospital was the would have a cart with horses that would carry them.

The things doctors used would be some thing that we would not use to day. They had many tools that we would use for cutting fire wood. There things they would have is long knives and many other things.
sense the men in the war were fighting it was the girls who helped take care of the men. most of the women were nurse  to get the men bake on there feet.

In this picture it shows a women that has helped with medical in the war.

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