Thursday, April 14, 2011

Riley Read and Kaia Brunso, Dred Scott Decision, Karens Office

This is Dred Scott his court case pulled the country apart.  because the north and south thought of his case differently. 

Dred Scott was an African american who was born a slave.  He lived in a free state so technically he was free but his owner Dr. John Emerson also had land in a slave state so the case was very complicated..  Since there was a law about if a slave went to a free state he was free he sued his owner for his freedom.  He initially won the case but later they reversed the decision.
this link has the full text of the court case.  Its really long but its pretty cool that they have all that recorded and written down.

this is a fictional narrative written all about Dred Scott.  it looks really cool and is in first person.  this would probably help  doing research about Dred Scott.

Dred Scotts family consisted of a wife named Harriet Robinson, a daughter named Eliza, another daughter named Lizzie.  They also had two sons but niether of them lived past infancy.


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