Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850/ Jeramy Nickerson/ Sunday G. McLean/ Tara's Office

The Fugitive Slave Act contributed to the start of the Civil War. On January 29, 1850, the Compromise of 1850 was passed. It consisted of many laws, including the Fugitive Slave Act. The Fugitive Slave Act declared that any fugitive slave (a runaway) had to be returned to their master. This law was active in the North and the South. The slaves were denied the right to a trial, and people were given money if they turned slaves in. This caused the Underground Railroad to grow, although it 
was a tough decision for citizens, whether to help or not. Citizens who sheltered or helped fugitive slaves were liable to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. Also, many fugitive slaves went to Mexico or Canada because they were free there. Any slave found a certain number of miles away from their home was considered a fugitive. The Fugitive Slave Act was very controversial and made abolitionists very angry. This law was declared unconstitutional in 1854.

There were many posters for the return of slaves

                                           There was a lot of fighting and brutality if a slave tried
                                                 to escape.
 A slave could be hunted and chased down if they tried to escape. Also, you can see the hounds in the picture, who would be sent to attack the fugitive slaves.
 People who were desperate for money would go against their better judgement and turn in slaves.
 If a slave tried to escape once they were caught, then the slave owners would put a rope around their mouth and put handcuffs  on them and sometimes beat them.
 This image brings up a slave's sadness and feeling of injustice.
This image has very descriptive descriptions, making it very easy for a slave to be caught.
This photo shows a man speaking out against this law. I chose this image because it shows the feeling of the time and the gatherings.
This image shows once again the brutality the fugitive slaves had to endure and face.
And finally, this picture shows what happened once a slave was caught away. 

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